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Goodwellness Personal Training is for you if you're looking for a fun exercise program that will get you into the best shape of your life…

With minimal risk of injury
With a program that will incorporate all aspects of fitness: strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility
Is targeted to your specific goals, health history, and fitness level

Just about everyone knows the benefits of exercise: Stronger muscles, a leaner physique, good posture, increased metabolism, higher energy, decreased blood pressure, better heart and lung function, less pain, more positive moods, and just generally looking and feeling your best.

But many people believe that exercise equals PAIN and we are here to tell you that that is simply not true.

As Massage Therapists, we were constantly working on clients who either did not exercise due to a previously incurred injury, or clients that were regular exercisers that had accepted their nagging injuries as just the price you had to pay for being fit. We decided to design our own fitness program to change that mindset.

At Goodwellness, we believe that a well designed exercise program should DECREASE your risk of injury. Our unique fitness programs are designed to make you stronger, leaner, and happier while incorporating movement patterns that protect shoulders, backs, hips, and knees.

And did we mention that you will look and feel amazing?

We invite you to come check our our studio, chat with one of our trainers, and find out how our Personal Training programs can help you reach your fitness goals in a safe and supportive way. The consultation is free!


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