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Our Group Exercise programs focus on all aspects of your fitness:

We help you build strength, endurance, and become more flexible and mobile. Bring a friend or make some friends here! We always have a great time during class.

Our groups are small (maximum of 6 participants)
We have modifications available so anyone can participate. We will help you find the right amount of challenge for your fitness level!

Our Classes:

Barre Above:

A Barre workout like no other. Our interpretation of the popular Barre workout focuses on safe and effective movement. This full body workout combines the best of pilates, yoga, traditional strength training, and dance positioning. Results of frequent participation include stronger and leaner muscles, more flexibility and better balance.

Circuit Training:

Be prepared to sweat! Move through a series of timed exercises specifically designed to hit all major muscle groups. The results of regular circuit training include fat loss, and improved heart and lung function. This is a fun cardio workout that sure beats slogging away for hours on a treadmill!!


This is a full body strength workout with Kettlebells! Build muscle the smart way with slow controlled movements mixed in with endurance building drills.  Results of regular participation include strong and powerful muscles,  increased confidence, the ability to walk up a few fights of stairs without getting winded, and being able to carry a weeks worth of groceries from your car to your kitchen in one trip like it ain't no thing.


This restorative class features the best of mobility modalities including Yoga, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Isolated Stretching, and more. Relax, breathe, and work out those sore spots! This class was inspired by our client’s needs and created by us, and we called on our over 25 years of combined knowledge of movement and massage to bring you a totally unique experience. You will leave feeling amazing! 


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