What's a Wellness Coach?!

You've been wanting to make a change in your health and in your life.

Maybe you've even started a few things, maybe a few things even worked for you temporarily. But for whatever reason, nothing has stuck. You need help. It may be time to hire a Wellness Coach! 

So you may be wondering what value a Wellness Coach adds. 

Here's a few for ya: 

1. *Wellness Coaches work with you to find a meal plan you can live with*. Us Wellness Coaches are diet agnostics! We work with you, taking your likes, dislikes, and lifestyle into consideration and help you achieve healthy eating habits that are meant to last a lifetime. If you feel like the diet roller coaster has done nothing but ruin your metabolism, let us help. 

2. *It's the same with exercise!* Everyone's health benefits from movement and exercise. However, if you are a 55 year old with severe fibromyalgia, your optimal movement plan is not going to be the same as a relatively healthy 35 year old. Wellness coaches will take your needs, health history, and personal preferences into account and design a program that works for you. 

3. *Accountability and assessment.* As they say, "if you're not assessing, you're guessing." We measure your progress on a regular basis to make sure your plan is working. 

4. *Someone in your corner.* We all get discouraged sometimes. A Wellness Coach will motivate you to get back on track when you need it. 

5. *We help you build on success*. Trying to change a bunch of things at once hardly ever succeeds. A healthy lifestyle doesn't happen overnight. It's a process, and a Wellness Coach will help you master it at your pace.

6. *We live, eat , and breathe this stuff!* Think of it as outsourcing. Your idea of fun may not be researching and designing exercise programs that promote healthy movement patterns, or browsing PubMed for the latest research on health and nutrition, but mine actually is. Benefit from your Wellness Coach's enthusiasm for the boring stuff while you concentrate on, you know, living your life. 

Our clients have had some serious successes with our Wellness Coaching Programs! Contact me or Jenn if you want more info!