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Want to Change your Body?


 That's my lame attempt at clickbait. Did it work? ?

Seriously, if you've been wanting to make a change but just can't get motivated, this blog post is for you.

It seems like we are on a roll this month with successes here at Goodwellness. And because we are a non-traditional fitness facility, we measure our successes in a variety of ways.

For instance:

A nagging pain has finally gone away.
Feeling confident performing a challenging exercise that once frustrated you.
Able to complete a household task that at one time seemed impossible.

And, sometimes, it's just good old fashioned weight loss!

I'm so proud of our success stories. And, if you are one of them, I hope you are so proud of yourself.

But what if you are reading this and wanting to make a change? If you are wanting to be your own success story?

Here's the secret: consistency.

It is NOT motivation.

These warriors I'm talking about have been working towards these goals for many months, and in some cases, years. And it hasn't always been pretty.
There's been much frustration and many tears shed along the way.

You feel great when you are motivated but the motivation to keep going is not always going to be there.

When you are working towards a change, sometimes you are going to feel sad. You are going to feel busted. You are going to feel hopeless. You are going to feel like a failure. You are going to feel the weight of other priorities distracting you.

If you want to be a success story, you have to show up and do the work anyway.

Feeling motivated and driven is fun. Consistency on the other hand, well, sometimes it sucks.

We live in a "6 Weeks to a New You!" society. But is that really possible?

The reality is that success at your chosen goal will probably take 10x as long as you want it to, and require 10x the effort.

If you have kids, compare it to a parenting journey. Is it always fun? Is it sometimes frustrating? Do you ever feel like throwing in the towel and sneaking away in the middle of the night without leaving a forwarding address?

But you don't give up on your kids, right?

Think about it: have you given up on yourself?

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle."
—Martin Luther King, Jr.

Got a question? Need a coach? Hit me up!

Have a great weekend!


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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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