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Train to Travel!


                         Train to Travel!

Since we're so obnoxious on our social media, y'all know that Cyndie and I just got back from the fabulous Ideafit Personal Trainer Conference! We were honored to learn from those leading the industry, and got inspired to bring Goodwellness to new levels…but that's not what I'm thinking of as I write this.

Many of our clients are traveling fanatics, seeking out all that life has to offer, looking for adventure at every turn. However, travel in and of itself, without any wild "adventures," is quite a physical feat.

Let's just break it down into simply getting from home to sitting aboard your plane in (hopefully) first class, awaiting your first celebratory drink:

Lifting a suitcase of 25+ pounds into the trunk of the car. Wheeling it, and any other carry on items, what feels like miles to the baggage check. Lifting it onto the scale after standing in line for about 20 minutes to do so…bonus points for maintaining your patience and not punching someone. Walking to the Security check, balancing on one leg to remove your shoes and lifting your carry on items into the bins. Rushing the length of the airport hauling all of your crap to make it to your gate on time. Navigating the slightly uneven flooring as you, finally, board the plane. Lifting heavy bags to shove them in the overhead compartment.

You deserve that drink!
Now let's look at this from a nerdy functional movement perspective.

You're squatting. You're lunging. You're lifting. You're pressing. You're pulling. You're rotating. You're balancing.

In short, you're living!

So to those of you who love to travel, but are not training, I say to you…we are training you to live your life better. To travel more and with greater ease of movement.

Cheers to that!


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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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