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The Movement Geek (A little book preview)


Massage+Exercise>Just Massage

Up until we added the Fitness Studio, I'd spent over 10 years working with muscles on the massage table. During those 10 years, I focused on alleviating tension in muscles and joints, and allowing them the ability to move better. 

As I began working with clients on the training floor, it became clear to me how much massage by itself is limited as a pain relief modality. Because the thing is, just because you CAN move more effectively doesn't mean you WILL move more effectively. 

Movement begins in the brain. What the your brain perceives as a normal movement pattern can actually be wrong. All wrong. 

And your Massage Therapist can work on improving your mobility all day long. 

But the minute you leave the Massage office and get back to your life, your brain will still want to move your body around in its own, comfortable, dysfunctional pattern. 

Like Noreen in Chapter 1, you'll be back in a week with the exact same issue. 

When I started fitness training and coaching, I drew upon my experience as a Massage Therapist to design programming that encourages bodies to move in a safe and effective manner. Together with our clients, we are actually retraining the brain to perceive movement that does not encourage injury to feel natural and normal.

Once we have good movement down, we start adding weight and other resistance to get bodies stronger, further reinforcing healthy movements. Then when clients get back to their everyday lives, they just move better normally. They don't have to think about it. 

And moving better is feeling better!

I knew that opening the Fitness Studio was going to help people. But until I actually started putting our programming into practice on the training floor, I had no idea how significant it would be in improving our client's lives. Massage Therapy PLUS the correct exercise programming were getting results that we were never able to achieve with Massage Therapy only. Clients like Deanna and Gwen went from feeling good for about a week to reporting months going by with little to no pain. They were cutting down on painkillers. They told me that they had more energy and felt stronger. Blood tests were returning to normal. And they were losing inches of unwanted fat from their bodies. 

I've always had this passion for learning and improving how the body moves. But since I've entered this new fitness-based phase of my career, I have become full-on obsessed. Formerly the Muscle Whisperer, I am now the Movement Geek!

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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