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The Mismanagement of My Stress Management

Anybody recognize this? If you've ever been hooked up to an EKG machine this probably gives you PTSD. Sorry about that!

This was a pretty terrible case of the Mondays.

BUT wait, I hear you saying...Aren't you working on some stress management program??

Well yes, I am.  And it works, too. 

If you work it. If you don't fail to actually follow through the habits that keep that stress in check. Like I did. We always think "I've got this!" Until the body says "Oh no you don't!"

If you know me, you know I am co-owner of a thriving business, spending my days giving therapeutic massages and training clients to move better. Some of my longer days every week average 11 hours. On the weekends, I play music with my awesome husband, sometimes staying out WAY past my bedtime. My life is so great, and I love all the things I do, but I had to put some safety measures in to protect myself at some point. I was struggling with crippling panic attacks for quite a long time, something most of you probably don't know. I implemented several steps to manage my stress into my daily life to great success. I found myself feeling pretty vibrant and happy in my body. In fact, I found myself in my best body since I got married 17 years ago!

So why did I end up in the hospital getting another EKG?

Well...adding the stressor of creating #WTForty as on online program to share with others tipped the scales, so to speak. Especially when it took up so much time that I neglected to follow my very own advice for weeks on end.

So we've established that not all stress is bad...but it's still stress.

Our bodies will scream at us if we don't listen to it whisper.

3 weeks ago, my body whispered at me to slow down and take stock. I became grumpy, and my sleep became disturbed. I started waking up frustrated. Those were my first signs, and I chose to ignore them.

Fast forward to me in the ER. Being assured by no less than 3 doctors that I was in excellent shape, and not a candidate for a heart attack.

I have to laugh at the irony. And in all honesty, it just proves that all the things I had been doing WERE working. It's frustrating that we can backtrack so quickly, but luckily I know just how to get myself back on track…

Do YOU? Do YOU have a stress management system in place?

Let us help you!

#WYForty starts on June 17th, as both an online and on site program. Even if you can't join this session please let me know so I can keep you posted on upcoming events. Don't miss the opportunity to develop a safety net for YOU.

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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