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The 5 Minute Action


 The 5 Minute Action

The very first part of our Precision Nutrition course is a call to a 5 minute action. Most clients are confused by this concept; what kind of action? Why don't they just tell me what to do??

Let's dissect this idea. No matter what our concerns or goals, there are always going to be steps involved to get us where we are headed. Small movements in a direction ultimately lead us to our destination. However, we have very complex and busy lives, we have a million goals and destinations at any given moment! This is actually where the 5 minute action can be your best asset. You always have 5 minutes in your day. If not, I suggest some serious changes to your situation. What if you if were to use that 5 minutes to do one thing that pushes you closer to your goal? Get the thought into action.
For example, if you have some niggling health concern that is looming in the back of your mind, take 5 to call your Dr and set up an appointment. You've taken a huge step, and done what you can do for now. If you are worried you're not going to get a workout in today, take a quick walk…you'll find me walking around our building regularly! It's easy to find a set of stairs close by. If you know you don't have time to get a healthy lunch, take a moment before bed to chop up some veggies or prep up a protein shake. Grab and go!

Even taking a moment to set a reminder on your calendar or phone for something that is on your mind frees up some anxiety and brain space. We become overwhelmed and then immobilized when our thoughts and concerns don't get turned into action. Then the smallest of actions becomes a springboard that launches you towards your desires. An object in motion…you know the rest!

So do YOU have 5 minutes today? What 1 thing can you do to get closer to your goals right now?

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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