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Stacy's Journey: Small Changes, Big Results

Hi Everyone! Stacy has been working with us at Goodwellness since 2017 and she's recently been enjoying some amazing positive changes in all aspects of her life. I asked her to share her story since I think it is very inspirational and motivating. Stacy is living proof that small, consistent changes can add up to big results!

But enough from me!  Here she is:

Despite working out regularly and eating, what would be considered healthy by most, I felt like garbage. I was chronically tired, my joints and muscles ached daily, I had severe indigestion and heartburn and had been diagnosed with IBS and fibromyalgia. I felt frustrated and anxious every day because I never knew how I would feel at any given moment. I didn't want to go out or make plans because I was not confident I would feel good enough to do whatever it was I planned to do. Having lived a fairly spontaneous and adventurous life, this depressed me. I was eating Tums like candy as it was the only thing that helped with my stomach/digestive symptoms. 

Despite consuming healthy and organic foods, I always said that my one crutch/unhealthy habit was drinking coke. It was my "coffee", my caffeine for the day. I mean I didn't eat ice cream or candy, so wasn't I entitled to just one indulgence ?

A couple of months ago, I was at my worst point with the joint, bone and muscle pain. I went to the doctor and of course had to get on that dreaded scale. I saw a # that I hadn't seen since I was 7 months pregnant. Now keep in mind, I'm not a big person in general and was super tiny when I got pregnant but still...hitting that # after struggling for 10 years with menopausal weight gain and these other ailments put me over the edge. After telling the dr about all of my symptoms, we did a full scope of blood tests hoping for some answers. Two days later, I got the results and ALL of my results were excellent with the exception of my cholesterol. Knowing I've always been on the higher end of the range due to hereditary causes (my dad always had high cholesterol) and with all other normal results, my dr didn't want to put me on statins (which I wouldn't have taken anyway). We sat for a long time and discussed everything that was happening to my body and we agreed that I would try to cut back on the coke and the bottle of Tums I was eating every week. I had read that tums somehow affects ur liver and in turn, can affect cholesterol.

So I left the office that day feeling down and out but knew I had to make a change. Then two days later my father had a heart attack. As I watched him laying in the hospital bed and praying for his recovery, i made a promise to myself to start that day, right then and there !

So two months later, after adding an extra day to my weekly workouts, cutting back drastically on the coke, eliminating the tums and with consistent daily walking, I have not only lost 16 stubborn pounds but my cholesterol is almost within normal range. See the results below:

Before (top) and after (bottom):

Additionally, my joint and muscle pains and my digestive issues are 95% gone!

These incredible results all transpired within 60 days. Folks, aging is no joke. So many people chalk up new symptoms or pain to "getting older". I'm not saying that this is not a real factor or concern, but I am saying that with hard work, focus and motivation, you can make the changes you need to make to achieve your goals. I will be 50 years old in 6 months and I can honestly say that I feel healthier and more alive than I ever have.

Life is short and we only have one body. I've decided that my latter years will be the best I've ever had. Thanks to Cyndie at Goodwellness for all of the support and endless motivation. I wouldn't be where I am today without her! 

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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