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Nobody's Perfect! And Stretchy-Stretchy

Nobody's Perfect! And Stretchy-Stretchy
OMG you guys! Yesterday was crazy!

I was booked back to back. I had clients signed up to take a new class I was teaching for the very first time (Stretchy-Stretchy..more on that to come!). And when I got to work I realized that we did not have enough tennis balls for all the attendees. 

I had structured my whole class around those tennis balls! (In Stretchy-Stretchy, we use tennis balls to deepen the effectiveness of the stretches and to address trigger points, but again, more on that in a bit.) And, like I said, I was booked solid. Except for a little half hour window of time...

I ran to the dollar store during that precious half hour and found these amazing little emoji balls (pictured above) that were just the right size and firmness for our needs. And look how friggin cute they are!

Yay, right? Except that half hour was the only time I had to get lunch. And now I had no lunch. And a very active afternoon on deck where hunger and a growling stomach was going to be...well, let's just say "not optimal". 

So I know, I know. I'm the Wellness Coach that teaches you how to plan and prep. Look at your schedule, plan accordingly for your busy days, etc.

As I discreetly stuffed half a Circle K procured Quest Bar into my face while my 11:30 client was warming up I had a little mental beat down on myself. I know better. I am better. I should have planned better. Why didn't I buy lunch the day before, knowing I'd be busy? And why didn't I inventory those tennis balls in advance? 

The point is that everyone has their "off"days. Even the coach! It's my first week back from vacation, and I'm a little off my game. It happens. No one is perfect. Not no one, nowhere. 

Lessened learned. So I'm asking you that on your "off" days that you give yourself a break. Some days you are on point and awesome, some days you aren't. 

When you set your goals for next week, forget perfection and strive to do just a little better than you did last week. 

And one more thing...if I do say so myself, Stretchy-Stretchy was amazing. It is very restorative. I've pulled inspiration from every type of mobility modalities I've studied over the years including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Yoga, and Active Isolated Stretching to present a very unique class. We all felt very relaxed, loose, and flexible afterwards. It's the perfect wind down after an intense workout week. 

And, thanks to my poor planning, you'll have your choice of emoji ball to suit your mood!

I sincerely hope to see some of you there. Fridays at 12:15. Sign up here

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Monday, 03 August 2020

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