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Need Motivation? Try a Group Challenge.


 It happened quite by accident. One Monday I was coaching Conditioning class, and the four participants and I began discussing doing a push up challenge. We would pick a day, and on that day we would all commit to doing 20 push ups every time we had a meal.

The group picked Fridays since Goodwellness does not offer any group classes on that day. We decided to run the challenge for four weeks. Everyone at class that day confirmed that they were in! I created a group text chain with the five of us and titled it "20 Push Ups".

Throughout the week, word got around the studio about the challenge. More clients wanted in, and the amount of people on 20 Push Ups quickly began increasing. I decided it would be fun to add a little contest to the mix: submit a photo or video of you doing push ups "in the wild" and the most creative each week would win a prize!

On the next four Friday mornings, I sent a reminder text to the group (we were up to 15!) and a list of guidelines for both the challenge and the contest.

The feedback was phenomenal! Everyone loved the extra motivation to stay active when not in class. The photos and videos, which ranged from cute to crazy to just plain weird, were the talk of the studio. As the four weeks came to a close, I received nothing but positive feedback.

"It was a great and ENTERTAINING comradeship! ???" Wrote Ginny.

"So much fun!" Said Sarah.

In my book, Good Moves, I explained the five "good moves" that I coach to help people move better and live better. One of those was finding a strong fitness community to motivate you, to challenge you, and to care about you. The Friday challenge certainly brought the Goodwellness community closer together!

So, if you've never thought that anything involving exercise could be fun, I would encourage you to try a group challenge with your friends, family, co workers or whatever. I mean, if it can encourage people to more of the dreaded push ups, it has got to be fun!

As always, let me know if I can help.

Keep Moving!

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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