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My Over 40 Weight Loss Program: My Month 2 Results and We're Starting a New Coaching Group!

My Over 40 Weight Loss Program: My Month 2 Results and We're Starting a New Coaching Group!
Well guys, it's been two months since I began my new approach to my exercise and nutrition. 

As I headed into my 47th year on this earth, I was struggling with stubborn weight gain around my middle. As a fitness trainer that thought I was doing everything right, this was very frustrating. In addition, I was anxious all the time, fatigued in the evening, and not sleeping well.

I had the whole blood work up done, thinking it was my thyroid. 


Peri Menopause. Eek. 

I began doing research on how the body changes around this time in our lives. You can read my initial blog post about it here

With the changes that I've made in my diet and approach to fitness, at the end of two months I am sleeping thorough the night. I no longer drive my family crazy with my anxiety and mood swings. And I've lost 6 inches at my waist. 

And another 6 inches around my belly! 

I am finally happy in my body again. 

After my initial blog post, I had a ton of interest from women my age and older, who recognized the issues I was dealing with in themselves. Turns out that there are a lot of women out there like me who despite doing all the "right" things, are still not happy in their body.

I beta tested several of my personal training clients on the program. I've been working together with each client weekly, measuring and tweaking, and measuring and tweaking to find a version of the program that was workable for each individual. 

And Jenn has been on the program too, you can read her experience here

The results have been great. In fact, I'm so pleased with the progress everyone is making that I am now beginning a 4 week coaching group here at Goodwellness at the end of the month for women who are interested in starting the program.

The group will meet 3 times a week and will include: 
* 3 guided workout classes per week (can do at home if not available for class)
* Nutritional Guidelines to support metabolic balance
* Activity Guidelines to support metabolic balance 
* Support and accountability by text and email 
* Weekly measuring and tweaking of the program to fit your particular situation 
$99 for the 4 weeks. 

So, if you are interested in beginning this journey with us, please call or message me or Jenn for more information. But please don't wait. The group will begin on April 27th, and we only have room for 4 women per group.

(Also...wanted to add that if groups aren't your thing, or you have a physical issue that requires extra attention during the workouts, we also have a 1 on 1 option available at $349 for 4 weeks)
Our New Fitness Coaching Program begins April 27th...
Adrenal fatigue, Panic Attacks, and Utter Chaos: ...


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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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