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Month One Results: My "Female Over-40" Weight Loss Journey

Month One Results:  My "Female Over-40" Weight Loss Journey

Some of you know that I began a new approach to my personal meal and exercise program last month. But for those that don't, here's the story: 

I was experiencing some not so pleasant symptoms of the hormone fluctuations that come along with being 47. If you've been there, or are right there with me you know that every year brings a new hormonal surprise! I had anxiety that was almost manic, followed by crushing fatigue. But tired as I was, my sleep, if you could call it that, was restless and spotty. In addition this unpleasantness, I had developed a ring of fat around my middle. This unwelcome addition to my body seemed resistant to the normal clean eating and heart pumping exercise programs that I had always sworn by in the past. 

What I had done before was no longer working. 

My first step was voicing my concerns to my primary doc. She looked over my blood test results and confirmed that there was nothing else physically going on with me. This stuff was indeed female hormone related, and pretty typical. She offered a prescription to "take the edge off". 

I accepted the scrip, but didn't fill it. I wanted to first explore a natural solution to what was going on in my body. So, I turned to book facts. I love my book facts! In my research, I kept stumbling upon a theory that as women age we become more sensitive to certain hormones than when we were younger. Specifically, insulin and cortisol. These hormones play a role in mood, and in weight gain.

I began to adjust my eating and exercise programming with the intention of controlling these hormones that, as the theory goes, were beginning to wreak havoc in my body. To monitor progress, I kept a detailed daily diary of my food, exercise, mood, energy level, pain, sleep, and measurements.

Month one ended last Tuesday.

The results have been better than expected.

I sleep solidly for at least 6 hours per night. My anxiety disappeared (my family is still joking about the new "zen Cyndie"). I feel strong most of the time, and don't feel that all consuming hunger before mealtime. 

And...4 inches off my waist! And another 4 inches from my middle!

I am finding this program so easy to do! I have a long way to go, but I'm very encouraged. I have just started two clients on this program and am looking forward to seeing their results as well.  As a fitness professional, I would love to share the details with anyone who thinks it may benefit them. Just message me if I can help!

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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