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"Mental Crap" and Unfiltering

"Mental Crap" and Unfiltering
A big part of my Find Your Wellness program was making time to breathe and slow down.

I have a daily ritual of Wellness Walks, which are 30 to 60 minute purposefully slow walks. The intent is to notice your surroundings and take time to reflect. 

Not only do Wellness Walks increase your overall weekly movement, but slow walks have been found to lower your cortisol.

I encourage my coaching clients to make Wellness Walks part of their weekly goals. 

My practice of Wellness Walks has had a huge positive impact on my health. I am calmer and more focused. My resting heart rate is lower, and I sleep better. 

But, as I sit here in this amazing cabin in Hot Springs, NC, looking out at this incredible view, I realize I have a long way to go.

It's so QUIET here! Other than the rushing French Broad River, there is no sound. High up in this mountain, there are no neighbors. No visual distraction. A perfect place to just be. 

Just be. Breathe. 

I reach for my Gratitude Journal. I need to capture how this feels!!

Wait, no. Just look at the beauty and strength of the river. Just be. 

Look how beautiful! I need to take pics so I can remember this!

No, no, no. Just sit here. Just experience this. Forget about saving it so you can remember it later. Forget about sharing this feeling with your loved ones. Just be. 

Way, way harder than it sounds. 

Do we try to filter our thoughts because we are afraid of what might come up? Do we journal and post filtered pics so we can control the content of what goes through our minds? 

Are we just trying to shut out the bad stuff: fear, worry, doubt, shame?

Those are loaded, scary, possibly ridiculous questions that I don't know the answer to. Maybe I just love to filter content because I'm a show off and control freak. 

Who really knows?

Analysis aside,  while I'm here in this quiet mountain retreat I'm going to make the effort to unfilter. My goal for this vacation week is to be as in the moment as possible. To truly slow it down.

I'm gonna sit here with my mental crap and awesome scenery, feel what comes up, deal with my whatever, and open up to inspiration. And I hope to find out what true calmness really is.

I'm looking forward to finding out how the story unfolds when I'm not the one writing it. 

What a task! But one I'm excited to take on.

Please take some time for yourselves this week. Send me a pic of your Wellness Walk! Filters are optional!

See ya in the studio next week.
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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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