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It's About How You Feel! Good Moves.


So it's happening. Good Moves, my book, will be up on Amazon soon. Very soon.


It's Sunday morning, and I'm sitting here quietly (because one of my goals is to learn to sit's a process) and my mind is starting to wander. Specifically, to the day 18 years ago when I realized the true benefit of exercise. Incredibly, I can trace everything I've learned over the years and put into Good Moves to that one day.

I wasn't very active as a young adult. I didn't start exercising until I turned 30 and I never understood why anyone did. Getting sweaty did not appeal to me. I also suffered from chronic back pain which would flare up from time to time, and I feared that activity would make it worse.

I managed retail stores for a living and I was moving around most of the day, so I wasn't entirely sedentary. And the back pain was always there.An extensive floor move or an unusually large shipment would often leave me unable to stand straight the next day. Visits to the doctor provided temporary relief in the form of cortisone shots or muscle relaxers. Eventually I stopped medical intervention entirely because all of the poking and prodding (does it hurt HERE? How about here??) usually left me in tears from the pain.

The motivation to exercise initially came from, what else? Vanity. As I entered my 30th year on earth, my body was starting to show the first signs of a slowing metabolism. Yes, I was skinny, but I was getting a gut. And I didn't like the way my legs looked in shorts. I decided to give working out a shot.

I had no idea where to begin. The thought of walking into a gym was mortifying. So I bought my first fitness and nutrition book at Barnes and Noble and devoured it. I bought some dumbbells and a preowned weight bench, wiped the dust off of my bike in the garage, and got to work.

Ah memories!I'm a Tough Mudder Finisher now, but back then I could barely finish those first workouts and I was using five pound weights! But I remained consistent. The basic plan that was outlined in the book was three months long, and I was determined to finish.

You've probably seen enough "before and after" photos in fitness ads to know that the end of the program brought positive physical changes in my body. But the most significant change was one that I didn't expect, or could have predicted.

I will never forget the day, about 60 days into the program, that I stood up from the chair in my office and realized…

My back pain was gone.

The gradual absence of pain is not obvious, so I had no idea how long I'd experienced this relief. But I knew it was the exercise that had caused the change. I was so happy that I'd finally found something that would help me! But I was also a little angry.

I had spent years in pain when I could have been exercising all along! Why hadn't anyone told me this? The benefits of exercise that people talk about are always based on how you look.Lose weight, fit into your jeans, rock that bikini, blah blah blah. No one ever talks about how you FEEL.

Less pain, more energy, better posture, lower blood pressure, the list really does go on.

That day was a life changer for me. I wanted to let everyone know what I'd discovered.

It wasn't immediate, but what I discovered that day set me on a whole new career path.

Well, I'm 48 now, and I now have years of education and experience and a continued obsession with movement that have led to Goodwellness and the fitness programming that I outline in Good Moves. My vision of helping people minimize pain through exercise that started so long ago has finally come to fruition.

You know, it's great to like how you look. It is an awesome benefit to a consistent exercise program. But how often do we look at ourselves, really? A couple times a day?

We are actually IN our bodies 24 hours a day. How we feel inside our bodies is waaaaayyyy more important than the reflection in the mirror. And being able to do the things you love, with the people you love, is much more important than wearing whatever sized jeans.

News flash…the people who love you couldn't care less about what size you are. They want to hang out with you. They want to have adventures with you. They want you on this Earth for as long as possible. And when you are hurting, they are too.

How you feel is the only motivation for continued success on any exercise program. Your program should make you feel so great that not doing it isn't even an option.

That is the inspiration and the foundation of Good Moves.

I'm so excited to share it with you.

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Tuesday, 04 August 2020

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