I'm in Peri Menopause!

OK, that's a totally weird announcement.  But I only share it with you because I've begun an exercise and nutrition program designed to combat my symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, and a brand new stubborn weight gain around my middle.  It's based on the science of hormones (I do love my book facts) and does not include anything I wasn't doing already...just shaking up the WHEN and HOW.  I'm 10 days in and can already notice a difference (3 inches off the middle, anyone?). And, I've found it to be extremely doable even for a workaholic like me!

I will be writing more about this as I progress but in the meantime if you want more information feel free to message me.  

If the program continues to work I will be coaching it!  I think it would benefit any women over 40 that are otherwise healthy.