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So Many Diets, So Little Time!



This is the appalling number of diet books I have on my kindle. Yes, I've read all of them. No, that doesn't include the actual hardbacks on my shelf, either. 

These books are all full of great information, but sometimes contradicting the arguments of one another completely.  Did I try all of these diets? Sort of. Not really. 

The truth is, I really do enjoy learning about how food affects our bodies, and I just can't seem to stop myself from doing experiments with mine. But not one of these dietary regimens can I credit with any weight loss success for me. 

Lately I have been asked what I'm doing differently. Friends and clients have noticed some changes in my body.  Upon reflection, I have to say that I have learned to listen to my body in a way I never was capable of before.

My whole life I feel like I have tried to force my body to do what my mind wanted it to.  My recent challenges with my health led me to start truly listening to what my body is saying…sometimes to a fault.  Attempting to honor what my body needs has been crucial to regaining my health, and also feeling good in my body. Maybe for the first time.

This will be an ongoing process, and I am far from mastering this. However, I am truly trying to nurture myself and listen to what works FOR ME. Not for anyone else.

Our PN coaching program was a big help in this process for me. There was no quick fix, no hard and fast rules, no boundaries…just awareness. Listening and learning. Experimenting. 

That's almost scary. We like rules and quick fixes, in theory. Our bodies not so much. We are unique, and it stands to reason that what makes us thrive would be a unique combination of diet and lifestyle.

 Will I continue to add the latest diet book to my reading list? Well…old habits die hard! However, I recognize now that I am the expert on THIS body. I am the author of MY user's manual.

Would you like to be the author of YOUR'S?

Let us help you! Check out our next Find Your Wellness Group starting soon, and take ownership of your health!


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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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