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Digital Detox: the Aftermath

So you know I am always talking about restoration.

How it brings down your cortisol levels.

How it aids with all systems of the body, including musculoskeletal, digestive, circulatory, endocrine, and nervous.

And how it's the "red-headed stepchild" of most of your wellness programs. It always comes last…far behind movement, exercise, and nutrition. People just don't make time for restorative activities.

As a result, as your Health and Fitness Coach, it is the one thing I end up nagging about the most!

So when I decided to do a weekend full-on Digital Detox, I knew I had to share my experience with y'all. I wanted to relax my mind and inspire people to do the same!
I made a nifty video, and shared it on social right before 1PM on Friday, when I powered everything down.

My plan was to take off to Greenville, SC by myself for the weekend with no phone, no iPad, and no laptop. I was going to bring my mother in-law's old flip phone for emergencies, books on dead tree, and a notebook for entertainment. I was going to stay downtown, walk around, and discover things. I was going to try to be entertained without the temptation of staring at a screen.

The only problem? Shortly after I turned everything off on Friday afternoon I realized I was sick. I'd caught the stomach bug that many of my clients had suffered with (don't worry, I've since disinfected the studio!)

I canceled my hotel rez and napped on the couch instead. And I stayed home for the weekend. Blah! So much for my planned restorative activity!!

I did, however, do the detox. I also jotted down my observations as they cropped up. Here's how they looked:

Friday Afternoon: I'm so tired. Am I always this tired? Do I just not realizing that I'm tired because I'm always distracting my mind with my devices? I need to sit quietly and scan my body a little more.

Saturday morning: I had a overwhelming urge to look at my phone right after I got up. I handed it to Erik to hide so I didn't give in.

Saturday, trying to read: I found myself wanting to stop my reading several times to research something online about what I'd just read. That, and I got the urge several times to look at things on Amazon! Those were my impulses…I wanted to shop and I wanted to research! I ended up starting a list of things I would look up when I got back on the internet. I forced myself to concentrate on my reading.

Sunday: I woke up without thinking of my phone. I felt like I was more relaxed, and that my brain had calmed down a little. I was able to read without being too distracted.

Sunday afternoon: I began experiencing some FOMO. I began to wonder what everyone was doing.

By Sunday evening I was back online.

It wasn't as I'd hoped, but I did have some realizations and some takeaways.

1. I'm going to set aside my phone and be "in my body" daily. I probably would have realized I was fighting a bug much sooner had I been doing this!

2. If I am reading, or working on something, I'm going to turn off my phone or mute my notifications so I can give it my undivided attention. I am going to absorb myself in what I am doing. I will probably get more done!

If you think about it, this probably will be a good thing to do when eating as well. Giving my full attention to my food and whoever I'm eating with would be very enjoyable!

3. I'm going to think before I online shop. Do I really want that or is it just convenient? Would I get in my car and drive somewhere to get this if I had to?

4. I'm going to make sure I have many social outlets. Yes, I know I was ill and that probably contributed to my feeling of isolation. But I am going to examine all of my social interactions and make sure they are balanced. I don't want to rely solely on social media to keep up with what everyone is up to!

I will try the Digital Detox again, hopefully closer to the original plan. Want to do it with me? Just let me know! I would love to share experiences!

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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