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Cyndie and Jenn's Slow Eating Adventure, Part 2

Cyndie and Jenn's Slow Eating Adventure, Part 2

So we're all Cyndie 's guinea pigs for this PN Coaching experience. Let's start there. You know how persuasive the lady can be. 

As a certified Health Coach, I looooooove the format. This is what works. 

As Jenn Thomas, I HATE it!! They want me to make 1 small change every 2 weeks???? But I could make a million changes in 2 weeks… and fail at every one. 

That's right. I'm the queen of starting things and not finishing them. I admit it. I am the girl with all the gear and none of the experience.

So what am I learning? How to actually create lasting habits. Not quick fixes, but lasting keys to success. I have to admit, I'm drinking the kool-aid! (Not really. Don't drink kool-aid) 

This week we are learning to eat slowly. Seems simple enough, but as someone who literally drinks half of her meals, this is epic. Let me be the ghost of meals past and take you back to my days of waiting tables. This is where I learned to swallow food without actually chewing. You're eating for the first time in 8 hours, and you're also waiting on your last tables to leave while you're doing your cash out. I know, right?! I'm a super good multitasker!! I'm also creating a habit that will last almost 2 decades. My husband and I still both scarf our food as if perhaps there is danger of it disappearing. We often joke about this when eating in nice restaurants. I spend more time previewing the menu online than enjoying the dining experience! 

Ok, that being said. How do I feel about actually chewing my food? It's a freaking revelation. I'm discovering the true tastes and textures of foods. I'm discovering that I've often eaten more than I truly needed OR wanted just because it was on my plate. I'm discovering that I really don't like certain foods at all! 

Most importantly, I am learning to focus on what I'm doing in the moment. Every bite of food we take in literally becomes a part of our bodies. We assimilate what we can to create new blood and new cells that ARE us. Is anything that you do for your health more powerful than that? I'm blown away. And even though it'll be awkward when people are waiting for me to finish chewing to answer their question (you know people always ask you a question when your mouth is full), I think they will envy my calm. 

And my obvious pleasure in feeding my body. 

Life is hard enough. Why not enjoy a bite or two? ♡ Jenn

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