Our Barre classes have a small but loyal following.  If you haven't tried this combo of dance positioning, traditional strength training, yoga, and Pilates yet, I invite you to check out the schedule online and sign up for a class.  It's the perfect workout to hit all areas of your fitness...strength, cardio, and mobility.  As an added bonus it definitely will make you more confident in your body!

Jenn and I both fell for the benefits and structure of Barre from the moment we took our first class.  But we have eliminated many of the practices that we felt were counterproductive and in some instances, dangerous (the infamous "tucking" comes to mind).  Our Barre program shows amazing results with regular participation, and is safe and fun too!  Seriously, come join us!  Sign up for classes here.

Did you know that if you are a paid Personal Training client, that classes are free? Just throwing it out there...