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A New Outlook: Donna's Story


Our Client Donna just got back from a trip to California where she completed her goal of hiking in several national parks. During her first workout after returning, Donna told me all about the parks, the beautiful scenery, the changes in altitude and the variety of temperatures she experienced on her hikes. The trip sounded amazing!

I couldn't help but think that the physicality of the trip would have seemed  impossible to Donna back in 2017 when I first met her. She has really made quite a transformation! I asked her to share her inspirational story with you all and she was happy to!

If you've ever struggled with emotional eating, please don't skip this one.

So here it is!

"I began a transformative journey in December 2017 when I mustered up the courage to speak to Cyndie at GoodWellness. Confiding in her that I was the biggest I've ever been and didn't feel I would be healthy enough to enjoy my imminent retirement, I uncharacteristically asked for help to reach my goal of a healthy and active lifestyle as I approached my golden years. 

Cyndie was very easy to talk to and very understanding. She started me with exercises that I could handle based on my abilities. It felt good to move again! 

I was still resisting (no pun intended) eating right. Food had become too comforting for me and it was hard to break the unhealthy habits I had formed. After working out with Cyndie for 6 months, I had to take a 10-month break for orthopedic surgery. I used this time to focus on the eating side of the equation. My self-discovery uncovered that I used food as comfort when I am stressed. The long distance move to South Carolina was definitely stressful! Also, I am in a stressful career. The surgery recovery gave me the time I needed to focus on better eating habits, including, most importantly, mindfulness of what I am eating and why. 

I now strive to only eat when I am hungry. Am I perfect? On most days. Some days, not so much. I am a work in progress. When I fall, I get right back up again. Cyndie has taught me to be kind to myself. 

On 7/24/18, I committed to lose 85 pounds. The goals I set were to plan healthier meals, log my food EVERY DAY, and exercise 3 times a week. I set my goals on the behaviors, not the weight loss. I was confident that the transformed behaviors would eventually lead to health and vitality for me which included reduced weight. I just needed to be patient. Being hypothyroid, the scale has never been kind, even on "perfect" weeks, and can be a source of frustration. 

My journey is to be healthy. The healthy behaviors will get me where I want to be. It's not a race! Although, maybe I'll run in one someday! So, here I am in June of 2019, 60 lb. lighter and feeling great! Thank God for Cyndie and the Goodwellness team! I owe so much to them for helping me along my journey and look forward to continuing with them on my path to wellness."

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Thursday, 28 January 2021

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