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Month One Results: My "Female Over-40" Weight Loss Journey

Month One Results:  My "Female Over-40" Weight Loss Journey
Some of you know that I began a new approach to my personal meal and exercise program last month. But for those that don't, here's the story:  I was experiencing some not so pleasant symptoms of the hormone fluctuations that come along with being 47. If you've been there, or are right there with me you know that every year brings a new hormona...
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Our Barre classes have a small but loyal following.  If you haven't tried this combo of dance positioning, traditional strength training, yoga, and Pilates yet, I invite you to check out the schedule online and sign up for a class.  It's the perfect workout to hit all areas of your fitness...strength, cardio, and mobility.  As an added bonus it definitely will make you more confident in your body!

Jenn and I both fell for the benefits and structure of Barre from the moment we took our first class.  But we have eliminated many of the practices that we felt were counterproductive and in some instances, dangerous (the infamous "tucking" comes to mind).  Our Barre program shows amazing results with regular participation, and is safe and fun too!  Seriously, come join us!  Sign up for classes here.

Did you know that if you are a paid Personal Training client, that classes are free? Just throwing it out there...

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I'm in Peri Menopause!

I'm in Peri Menopause!

OK, that's a totally weird announcement.  But I only share it with you because I've begun an exercise and nutrition program designed to combat my symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, and a brand new stubborn weight gain around my middle.  It's based on the science of hormones (I do love my book facts) and does not include anything I wasn't doing already...just shaking up the WHEN and HOW.  I'm 10 days in and can already notice a difference (3 inches off the middle, anyone?). And, I've found it to be extremely doable even for a workaholic like me!

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We Have a New Blog

Obviously.  Thanks for reading this and stay tuned for more great info that Jenn and I never have time to share with you in the studio.  Healthy recipes, Workouts, events, etc.

And we'll see you in Barre class...right?  Sign up here

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